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The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a successful, enjoyable, and safe group ride where everyone gets home safely and thinking they had a great time.


Ride Leader Responsibilities:

Determines the following:

1 - Where to? Could be a historical site, scenic area, eating place

2 – Distance & Time to complete the ride.

3 – Decide the pace of the ride. Sporting or casual touring. Could be both with separate groups.

4 – Availability of gas/convenience stops.

5 – Lunch/Dinner/Picnic  location.

6 – Performs a pre-run to validate distance, time, gas/convenience stops, lunch/dinner/picnic location, and condition of roads.

7 – Enlists a member to act as Sweeper for the ride.

8 – Adjusts ride plan as required.

9 – Communicates ride plan to members.


Sweeper Responsibilities:

1 – Have a cell phone.

2 – Have a camera (optional).

3 – Have cell phone number of Ride Leader and at least two other drivers.

4 – Ensures that they are the last car. If another car stops, the Sweeper is available to provide assistance if necessary.

5 – Communicates to Ride Leader via cell phone to apprise him/her of any potential situation the Ride Leader needs to be aware of.


Ride Leader Responsibilities – Day of Ride:

1 – Ensure that you have exchanged cell phone numbers with the Sweeper and have cell phone numbers of at least two other drivers.

2 – Distribute directions and an itinerary to all drivers.

3 – Keep groups manageable. An ideal group size is 5 – 7 cars. If more cars are available, break the ride into groups, depending on total number.

 If the group is mixed between sporting and casual pace, let the sporting group go first. Assign responsibilities as required.

4 – Take a physical count on total number of cars.

5 – Review the ride itinerary with all drivers prior to departure.


Group Driver’s Responsibilities:

1 – Arrive prepared (full gas tank) and on time.

2 – If separated from the group, don’t panic. Each driver should know before-hand the destination and be provided with directions.

3 – For mechanical or medical problems, use a cell phone to call for assistance as the situation warrants. Advise the Ride Leader.

4 - If a driver plans to drive on their own and eventually meet up with the group, the ride leader should be advised prior to departure.

6 - If a driver plans to break off from the group, they should advise the ride leader prior to leaving the group.

7 - All drivers must obey state laws.

NOTE: No Alcohol should be consumed on a club ride.

8 – Remember, we represent sports cars to other motorists so please drive with courtesy.

9 - This is a group ride that drivers have chosen to participate in. Drivers: please be patient, tolerant and respectful of others needs. Try to stay together and look out for the well being of other participants.

10 – Periodically check the cars following in your rear view mirror. If you see a car falling behind, slow down so they may catch up. If all drivers in the group use this technique, the group should be able to maintain a fairly steady speed without pressure to drive too fast to catch up.

11 – Each driver is responsible for the car behind him. You should safely pause at each major turn to ensure the following car stays on the route. This keeps the group together.

12 – It’s a nice plus if someone documents the ride with photos and narrative for the website



Things that can distract from the enjoyment of the drive are:

  • A speeding ticket.

  • A crash. 

  • Cars getting lost or separated from the group.

  • A breakdown. Have your Miata ready to go.


You are part of a group and you have a responsibility to that group.

  • Come with a full gas tank.

  • Come with an empty bladder.

  • You are responsible for the car behind you. Do not leave a turn unless you know the car behind you sees you and where you are going. This keeps us together.

  • Try not to lag too far behind. The guy in front of you needs to keep track of you.

  • If you need to leave the group, don’t do it without letting someone else know. We don’t want to stop and hunt for someone that is not there.

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