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Looking for a Miata Jacket or shirt? North American Embroidery on Keitxke has all the Miata information. You can choose their clothing/hats or bring in your own. Prices are reasonable.

Needing parts or information on Miata stats? Try or

GoMiata (619-GoMiata) has Miata seat covers and soft tops. Wellmans Upholstery, 2015 Glendale in Sparks can install them at a decent price.

You can get your car smogged 90 days in advance just in case you need repairs.

If your brake light comes on check your brake fluid level.

If you have a 2017 and use the cruise control but don't turn it off before shutting down your car it will drain your battery.

It only takes 2-1/3 quarts to change your transmission oil so do it with a Miata buddy to save on the price of 3 quarts. You can get the full synthetic transmission oil at a Ford dealer or on line at Moss Motors.

High Sierra Dent Company -

59 Damonte Ranch Pkwy Suite #B

Reno, NV 89521


Good Mechanic: Sunshine Service Brake and Alignment, 850 S. Rock Blvd, Suite B, Sparks 775-358-5486

Looking for a front end alignment? Sunshine Service Brakes and Alignments (850 S Rock Blvd Suite B, Sparks across from Baldini's) is a good place.

Word of caution: the odometer nob is part of the dash assembly and is very expensive to replace if broken. You have to replace the whole dash assembly. This is for all cars.

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