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The Reno Miata Club in conjuction with Dolan Mazda and help from Moss Miata will be having our annual Bar-B-Que at Dolan Mazda on August 15th. The event will start at 10:00 (we would like to have cars cleaned and ready to show at 9:30 for staging) till about 2:00 in the afternoon. This is Reno Miata Club's marquee event and we chose this date so we can help Dolan Mazda introduce the all new 2016 MX-5. Dolan will be inviting all of their Miata owners both past and present to the event and we hope this will help continue the interest in the 'Best Selling Sportscar' of all time.

We hope to see everyone at the event so we can show off our cars and show Dolan Mazda how much we appreciate them. Dolan will be providing food & dricks along with give a ways. Moss Motors also sent us a few items we will be raffling off too. After the event at Dolan, we will be taking a leasurely out and back run up towards Virginia City!

If you haven't RSVP'ed for the event, please send e-mail to: Phil Pugliese.

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