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I would like to start with the Thank You’s for all who made this event possible. Dolan Mazda including Tom & Ashton for opening their doors and providing us with a great facility, generous gifts and lunch for all of us and Moss Miata for supplying product for the raffle. I would also like to thank Gary “Lucky” Guzelis and Terrie Schulte for all the hard work they put into the club over the years to build it’s solid foundation. And I mostly would like to thank all the members who brought their cars out to the event to make it all possible.

The event was a huge success. We had great weather and we had the opportunity show off our Miata’s to not only each other but also some new members and to perspective Miata owners that came to see the show via Dolan Mazda’s advertising of the event. We saw a few new Miatas roll in as the day went, a two red Miata couple with a red NA and a NB with a hardtop, a real nice 02 Titanium Gray and a red NA that parked in the back. Hopefully these guys will check out the web page and start joining us for events!

For me the day started of with Jorge arriving at my house so we could detail his new ND because it was to be showcased in the Mazda showroom. We clay barred his new car then put a fresh coat of wax making the Soul Red paint glisten. Then Jorge helped me put the hardtop on my 92 Yellow which was packed with raffle goodies and we were off to Dolan to set up. When we arrived about 8:45, Tom’s team at Dolan were ready for us. The showroom and lot was already cleared for us to start staging cars. About 9:15 members started arriving, Mac helped cars park and did a great job herding the cats and pointing cars to where I suggested the be displayed. Jorge started taking pictures and I did behind the scenes tasks like setting up the microphone, organizing the raffle prizes and the presidential tasks of shaking babies and kissing hands.

We had a beautiful display cars with a nice selection of NA/NB/NC’s at the entry way of the dealership then the middle of the lot had the majority of the cars parked and we had a special display section with examples of the evolution of the Miata with four red cars, a NA, NB NC and Ray’s new ND. This display drew the most well deserved attention not only from our members but also much of Dolan’s staff who, believe it or not, have yet to see an ND yet since Jorge and Ray picked up their cars immediately after they were delivered to Dolan. Before lunch we had a bit of Miata trivia and some Dolan give-a-ways that went with that. After the trivia we started the raffle. As in the past, all proceeds from the raffle go to funding the club, getting hats, stickers and paying for the website. We had about $600.00 in gifts to raffle off thanks to the generosity of Dolan Mazda, Moss Motors and additional contributions from our club. There were winners galore, unfortunately, not every one got to go home with something but Gary, our past President did the best along with Jorge and Ray the owners of the two ND’s present. Speaking of ND’s. Jorge and Ray were extremely generous with their Launch Editions by letting people sit in, play on and drool all over, they also were busy for most on the day answering questions about their cars. I think we will be seeing quite a few more ND’s in the club as soon as they become available and these two need some of the credit for the sales.

The lunch was provided by Dish Cafe in Reno. The spread included Tri-Tip, Chicken, Salad, Cookies, Ice T and some of the best pretzel rolls I have had. When you get a chance, please provide a Yelp! review on their site. Speaking of Yelp!, I think Dolan Mazda also deserves a great review from everyone who attended the event. Trust me, it is rare that dealers give back to the community as much as Dolan has given to us, lets show them our appreciation.

After the event a few of us took a leisurely lolly-pop cruise up to Virginia City, down 6 Mile Canyon Rd, over on 50 then back up 341 to the truck route to Virginia City then back home again. It was a great drive although there were a few cars that got in the way from making it as spirited as some would have wanted but it was fun none the less. I again want to thank everyone for attending and making the event as fun for me as it was for you. A full gallery of pictures can be found on our facebook page HERE.

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