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Van Johnston and Jim Brockhaus shared one of their favorite areas of Northern California with the club by taking us on a run out to Sierra City. We had nine cars, starting with our leaders Jim & Nancy in their Evolution Orange NB, Van & Marylin in their Mariner Blue NA, the rest of the gang included Ray & Cindy in their Soul Red ND LE, Randy & Susie in Randy’s Silver NC, Dave & Joe in his BRG NB, Mac & his high school buddy in his Mahogany Mica NB, newcomers Don and Kathey May in their Dk, Blue NC, Gordon & Jane in their True Red NC and yours truly in my Sunburst NA. So we had 2 NA’s, 3 NB’s, 3 NC’s and 1 ND, so all models and what was cool was that with 9 cars we had 9 different colors!

We took off about 10:30 and after a short pit stop at Jim’s favorite Ice Cream place, we hit The Brewing Lair which is a little gem of a microbrewery at the end of a dirt road in the middle of no where just off of Rt.70…how Van & Jim found it was beyond the comprehension of the rest of the gang but we were all thoroughly impressed. While I didn’t partake in the beer drinking, the 5 4oz Flight selection drew rave reviews and for just $7.00 it looked like a helluva deal.

From the brewery we headed over to Sierra City for lunch. The drive over was very pretty and we enjoyed some nice twisties along the way. The Red Moose Bar set us up nicely for lunch with some really good moose burgers and fish & chips which were the choice of more than one member. Along with a great lunch everyone seemed to have a good dime because there was a ton of laughter. Ted met us for lunch and I am starting to question if he even has a Miata, all I have seen him in is his Subaru, so Ted, I am calling you out. Bring your Miata to the next meeting…or else.

After the lunch, we took off and just so we didn’t enjoy ourselves too much on the way home we hit numerous construction delays but all in all, a great day with a bunch of great people.

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